Motorhome & Caravan Satellite Navigation

The first satellite navigation system designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes. Ventura is a completely unique portable sat nav designed specifically for caravans and mobile homes. Includes routing based on the size of your vehicle and ACSI EU campsite search. Choose from 8600 campsites in 29 countries!
Ventura has the answer.
This unique software will create a route based on the attributes of your particular vehicle. Simply tell the unit the size and weight of your vehicle, plus the type of load if applicable and Snooper’s Ventura software will calculate a safe, caravan friendly route. Routes will be calculated based on roads with adequate width and height, excluding roads with low bridges or weight restrictions plus many other hazards.
ACSI campsite database
Select the facilities you require from the built-in ACSI campsite database then search and navigate to one of 8600 campsites across 29 countries across Europe. Ventura will even show you a photograph of your chosen campsite before you depart!
FREE software updates!
At Snooper we understand the difficulties of fast moving technologies. No sooner have you purchased a new PC or Television and it’s already out of date, that’s why we are offering FREE software updates until the end of 2009. As Snooper’s Ventura technology get’s better and better you can keep up, knowing you have always got the most up to date unit on the market!

The new Snooper Ventura is an incredibly sophisticated satellite navigation system. Whilst we have tried to provide you with as much information as we can in this brochure you still might have some questions. If you do, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will talk you through the units wide range of features in more depth. 

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